About Kenzie

Why I Do What I Do

I’m fascinated by people; I’m curious about why they make the decisions they do, why they behave the way they do, their passions and drives. This curiosity has served me well, working in marketing. I work hard to understand why a consumer chooses one company over another, and how to help businesses become the one seen, noticed, and chosen. My interest in humans in combination with a visually creative mind and a love for solving problems, made graphic design the perfect career choice.

I have a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design and a minor in photography from Northwest Nazarene University. Immediately after graduating I worked for a company in which I created and managed their 5 websites, created branded content, ran promotional campaigns through print media and online ads, managed their SEO, tracked website traffic and google ad conversion. During this time, I began working with small businesses. I created logos and branding plans, print materials, and websites. I found joy in the client interface, the collaboration, and the purpose I found in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners.